The Snapchat Spectacles

With now over 150 Million daily active users, Snapchat, or should we say “Snap Inc” has been in the news a lot lately. Recently they confidentially, but not so confidentially, filed for a $25 Billion IPO. Even more recently, they made the announcement that they are now a “camera company” and not a social network. The biggest news of all, however, is their bold new product Spectacles. 

People have been waiting in line for these like a new pair of Kanye West’s Yeezys and the FOMO is real. To distribute, Snapchat created another new product called a “Snapbot”. Snapbots are interactive vending machines that sell Spectacles in 3 colors, appear at random across the US and are only available for 24 hours. Spectacles are $130, but demand is so high they are selling out and being resold on Ebay for over 10X the price! 

For years, there has been an epic intergalactic battle between Mark Zuckerberg & Evan Spiegel and this was a bold move by Spiegel in the wake of Instagram Stories, Facebook, Twitter and other products and companies copying their user experience. Snapchat releasing Spectacles so far has silenced the pack, why? Because they can’t easily copy it. No matter how hard these companies try to replicate their product, they can’t natively create a hands free content creation experience…for now. 

Spiegel has demonstrated a knack for creating profound products people didn’t even know they wanted. Where will they go? We’re not sure, but it’s moves like this that continue to put confidence in the company especially as they race towards the public market and pioneer new products and technologies from hardware to augmented reality. 

We could go on about our love for this product, but then we couldn’t tell you what we did that’s absolutely awesome. Turns, out we got our hands on a bunch of Snapchat Spectacles and they are fantabulous. We want to take them everywhere. We got together with Los Angeles director Nem Perez to work on something special. Let’s just say we took them racing and now we’re creating the first ever interactive, real time, gamified Snapchat experience. 

Everyone tune in, over the holiday season we’ll be launching a unique activation called Spec Racers. We’ll update you on the story as it unravels and you can sign up for it here to stay up to date on when it launches. In the meantime, look out for more Spectacles as they drop on their website. We’re getting closer to The Jetsons future. Get excited.

Photo credit: @TOMBENDER

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