The Darwinism Of Emojis

The Darwinism of Emojis…

Dropping some knowledge here, did you know that 6 Billion emojis are sent every single day? And that Frenchies (‘oooo-lala’) are the most frequent emoji senders of all the countries in the world? Ladies, might be time to to start dating a french man who knows how to express his emotions ?. Emojis have never been more popular, Sony is coming out with ‘The Emoji Movie’ later this week, set to poke fun at people everywhere in an animated, emoji way. Globally this film is lined up for success, especially in countries like Europe and Asia where emojis have become an integrated part of their language for over a decade now.

Many of you are heavy emoji users, but seldom understand the real impact behind it. Historically, language (and sometimes culture) acted as a barrier in expressing how we feel, especially in a world where people speak all different types of languages. Today, visuals bring our messages to life, bringing laughter and joy, and ultimately transcending the previous language barriers (and texting formalities) of the past.

Visual communication has been enhancing the texting world of messaging for several years as we have been communicating with more expression incorporating images with text. As ideas and thoughts can get muddled and lost in text and complicated language, quick images, gifs, memes, stickers, filters, or even short videos can sometimes help to share the idea in a new and beautiful way. Images are very powerful in enhancing the thoughts one is trying to convey. Beyond just the natural fluidity which emojis add in enhancing our messaging, we love to celebrate emojis with holidays like “Emoji Day” last week and build films around them, in order to celebrate the joy they bring in our daily lives.

There are several successful companies really bringing original and diverse emojis, stickers, gifs and other fun content into our messaging platforms, work communication tools and other places we communicate. Some of these startup companies you might already know about like Giphy, Gfycat, and MojiLaLa. These startups are building successful businesses around content creation, including distribution of this fun content into everywhere we communicate.

Now that we’ve perfected a lot of the visual content in messaging like gifs, stickers, and filters, the next evolution of communication will jump into the Augmented Reality world, we’re calling Augmented Communication. First, there will be mixed reality: where animations, filters and 3D text and objects can be placed into any image or video one takes. For example, imagine taking a photo of your swimming pool and getting to see a dolphin jump in your pool. Or a monkey swinging from the branches of your tree in the front yard. Then, platforms like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and other large tech companies will bring the AR world beyond our phones to glasses. You can check out some of the early products in the Apple ARkit here.

The Emoji Movie (coming July 28), is only the beginning to amplify the popularity of these cute little images and artistic expressions we love to share with family and friends. These little pieces of art, whether it’s a sticker, or gif will continue to find relevance and importance in a world grappling to find better ways to express themselves. It will be a whole new emoji life ???.

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