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Vidcon just happened this last weekend, and the annual conference has evolved overtime as a marquee event for pre-teen fandom to a full blown platform for major video and editorial platforms, brands and companies to talk business and economics. By now, it’s been no secret that the content landscape is changing. There’s no brand allegiance, no one place to watch everything, and people’s attention is scattered. Some organizations are capitalizing on this, feeling they have the distribution, means, and talent to do it better than their counterparts.

The success of Amazon and Netflix makes everyone feel like the film and TV industry must be too good to pass up. Facebook has been paying for original scripted content, and Apple just hired some TV veterans to man their new TV operation. is now creating original content and Snapchat might become the next MTV as Snapchat’s deal with Time Warner show their ever expanding move into content. Vice keeps getting money. Complex, now owned by a majority of Verizon is branching out in the same way Vice did. Verizon is also pushing the envelope with go90. Super Deluxe looks like it will be the next Adult Swim. Youtube is still managing to stay strong with 1.5 billion viewers every month. Spotify’s in the game with new shows like Traffic Jams, and so much more.

It’s not news for some, but there’s an opportunity to act and get ahead while it’s hot. It seems like we’re going through a revolution. Studios are stuck doing blockbusters and taking chances on old models, while many millennials and pre-teens are “mobile first” consuming content on anything other than traditional cable. Content creators, writers, producers, and celebs alike all have the opportunity to leverage what is happening and create a strong brand while telling compelling stories.

New upstarts are clamoring for people’s attention, but what are people going to talk about in the next 3, 6, 10 months and even the next two years? How can we understand what comes beyond “Silicon Valley taking over Hollywood?”

The next studios are any attention grabbing platforms. It can be editorial blogs, a board game or it could even be subscription box services with massive audiences like Loot Crate or Dollar Shave Club. The old guard doesn’t have too much to worry about though. Vice isn’t likely going to make a blockbuster movie any time soon and even if older studios are overthrown, their massive libraries of stories, licenses, and options that can be spun into games, theme parks, toys and even more stories on new platforms are priceless.

Nevertheless, pay attention to which platforms people are paying attention to that may not even have a video service yet, from hardware, to tech services and beyond. These platforms have the potential to be the next Netflix’s of the world. Remember, it was just yesterday Amazon only sold books.

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