It’s 2018, Tell Your Story

Last year was a doozy…

Fyre Festival didn’t happen, Trump was inaugurated as the 45th U.S. President, the #metoo movement shook the world, Net Neutrality was scraped and other tectonic shifts in government, finance, entertainment, tech and music transformed the economy.

Our team spent much of last year figuring out what this new year was going to be. Five years ago, The Future Party was born out of a simple desire to look ahead, collaborate and celebrate with other young, ambitious like minded individuals. Since then we’ve hosted hundreds of events from large festival activations to intimate dinners. Last year, it became clear that we had much more to do, especially given the state of media, content online and divisiveness in the world.

The Future Party is a new-media brand for a new kind of person. We exist for those who seek stories that expose undeniable, unseen, and underreported narratives. Our mission is to feed the curiosity and intelligence of our audience through authentic and interesting content, every day, with a deeper lens and a cosmos point of view.

Using eyeballs to generate revenue against ads simply does not work. The existing establishment is having trouble engaging audiences. The biggest content companies of last year are old news. There is an increasing gap in media and we’re aiming to address it. In an effort to better serve readers, quality publications will move to a subscription model. In an age where everyone wants a piece of your attention, authentic content and stories will dominate.

Over our first year of content, we’ve published over 60 articles – along with daily curated news, monthly intimate events and a number of larger activations.

We also:

  • Doubled our team, bringing on our core team full-time.

  • Launched Daily Drip, our curation and commentary on daily industry news.

  • Launched our weekly trend video series.

  • Published an Instagram and Facebook page so as to have more ways to engage.

  • Hosted major events at SXSW, Coachella, Sundance and in Los Angeles

What’s coming:

  • Profiles, a new platform for our community to tell their own stories

  • A larger digital presence on the web

  • More diverse video content

  • Intentional events on market shifts and trends

  • What began as a way for like-minded young leaders to have fun, inspire each other and learn has turned into so much more. Thank you for taking this journey with us. If you aren’t already on the voyage, subscribe today or become a member.

We plan to inspire, inform, entertain and create meaning.We’re going to tell our story. What’s yours?

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