Bring The World Closer Together

Bring the world closer together…

A couple weeks ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced a new mission and focus for Facebook on fostering communities. We’ve grown up in the age of Facebook and it’s come a long way from the racy Harvard upstart. Now, they’ve accomplished a feat very few companies can claim as they currently have over 2 billion monthly active users, almost 30% of the world paying attention to them on a given month. That thought is both terrifying and eye opening. What’s more interesting is their recent move to no longer focus on making the world more open and connected, but to “bring the world closer together”.

Zuck feels membership in communities in general has been declining, and while that may or may not be true, they now want to help 1 billion people join meaningful communities all around the world. That’s a big mission that will support a lot of various communities from communities of faith, to communities for cryptocurrencies, puppies, cats, and even communities like our own.

With the announcement came some snazzy new features, from monitoring and acquiring new members, to group insights, membership filtering and scheduled posts. All these new features are gratifying and will help enable better groups, but what’s most important is the new focus. Their push to grow Facebook by focusing on our relationships with each other.

At The Future Party, our community aims to help professional millennials be more informed, successful and happier through unique experiences and compelling content. We’ve been excited to grow ours over the past couple years with some of the coolest and most enthusiastic people from all over the world looking to do life better professionally and creatively.

Connection comes from intentional relationships and common viewpoints. As you grow as an individual, it’s important to understand how to empower communities for your own business whether virtual or physical. In the future, advertising will move from quantity to quality as brands and businesses will look for close knit communities to champion their offerings.

We believe the best businesses operate with some sort of community. It’s half the reason Marvel does so well. They tapped into a community of comic book enthusiasts and now they own Comic-Con and dominate the box-office. When you can tap into social circles you create meaning beyond the actual content or product, you tap into the enthusiasm of customers’ friends and family, leading you to drive strong economics.

Whether you’re Netflix, the latest start up, Coca-Cola, or the government, tapping into communities both virtual and otherwise will be the new normal. It’ll be where businesses and marketers get their biggest ROI and where they supercharge viral trends. Just some food for thought. Happy Monday.

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