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March 29th, 2024

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Happy Thursday, fam. If you’re stressing about your weekend movie-and-TV-watching plans, then we have a little stat to fuel the fire. According to European Commission official Lucia Recalde, it would take someone a total of 350 years to watch all the combined titles available on streaming platforms. The question “Are you still watching?” has never seemed more absurd.

In other news… creators get accredited, LIFE Magazine finds new life, and SBF trades the crypto exchange for the ball and chain.

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Mar. 28, 2024

Today we get into how the fashion industry is struggling to find buyers and investors, the popularity of March Madness, and how albums are now franchises.


🔒 Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder and former CEO of the now-disgraced FTX, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for several charges, including fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Read More → axios

📺 Disney+ and Hulu have officially bundled under one service after a three-month beta including Hulu as a tile on the Disney streamer was more popular than expected. Read More → deadline

👗 Alessandro Michele, the former creative director of Gucci who helped the luxury brand triple sales, has taken the same role at Valentino. Read More → bof

🚕 Robotaxis can now hit the streets of NYC… as long as they have a safety driver in them, too. Read More → theverge

📽️ The Alamo Drafthouse, the premium cinema chain known for signature food and beverage options and a strict no-phones policy, is reportedly up for sale. Read More → deadline

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Digital creators get their own IMDb

The Future. The Creators Guild of America (CGA) hopes to piece together the potentially millions of people involved in making some of the biggest hit videos on the internet with a new platform called “Mosaic.” Once the database becomes populated, it may become a key tool for BTS talent to score jobs outside of their personal network.

Viral and accredited
Influencers are getting a new kind of “verified” check mark.

  • Mosaic will allow creators to register and verify their work, recognizing distinct titles such as “Creator,” “Writer,” “Videographer,” “Editor,” and “Producer.” (Registrants can select up to three).

  • Once a person registers their participation on a project, the CGA will reach out to other members of the team to verify — a process the CGA says will take a couple of days.

  • Eligible videos for accreditation must be paid work from a platform, brand, agency, or subscriber base and must be distributed on an approved list of apps.

  • Creators must also have 10,000 or more combined impressions, downloads, or registered users to be verified. Oh, and forget about videos that violate copyright as being eligible.

Why the hard work to give everyone the credit they deserve? Daniel Abas, founder and president of the Creators Guild, told Fast Company that the time has come because “this is turning into a serious profession.”

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  • Watch: The battle between Fanatics and Panini is a MasterClass in how companies fight for market dominance in niche industries.

  • Read: Insider reports that YouTube alone could be worth $400 billion… and we’re all sleeping on its economic dominance.

  • Listen: Marc Evans, the former head of film at Paramount Pictures, chats with Don’t Kill the Messenger on what it takes to run a major Hollywood studio.


Karlie Kloss revives LIFE

The Future. Bedford Media, the company run by Karlie Kloss and her billionaire husband Joshua Kushner, are reviving LIFE Magazine for the modern era. Coupled with its acquisition of fashion-centric i-D Magazine last fall, Bedford may be trying to build a magazine empire that defines mainstream culture amid one that’s become fractured due to social media.

Analog Insta
Physical magazines are making a comeback.

  • Kloss and Kushner’s Bedford Media struck a deal with Dotdash Meredith to relaunch the weekly edition of the historic LIFE Magazine.

  • Beford will run operations, including “editorial strategy, revenue, and media initiatives,” per Variety.

  • Meanwhile, Dotdash Meredith will continue to own the brand’s iconic photo library and continue publishing the special issues centered around single topics (you know, the ones that always catch your eye at the grocery store).

Bedford, which lists “shared cultural resonance” as a focus, views LIFE “as an uplifting and unifying voice in a chaotic media landscape.”

In a world where everything’s digital, maybe going back to something tangible is the best way to break through the noise.

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Courtesy of Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando’s upcoming How to Train Your Dragon land. If this place has animatronic dragons, Disney may need to step things up.


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