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February 7th, 2024

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It’s the middle of the week. In honor of Hump Day, we want to know your productivity hacks. Do you time block? Do you use AI to organize your schedule? Just respond to this email with your tips and tricks.

In other news… sports streaming is evolving, the Apple Vision Pro is fashion, and Gen Z has an early bedtime.

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Streaming homerun

Sports streaming moves under one roof

The Future. Disney, Fox Corp., and Warner Bros. Discovery are joining forces to launch a sports streaming venture that’ll be the ultimate hub for each company’s sports programming. Blending the discoverability of cable for customers with the economics of cable for the participating companies, the service could kick off a major consolidation and rebundling across the entire streaming ecosystem.

Disney Fox Max+
Disney, Fox, and WBD decided to all play for the same team.

  • The joint venture, co-owned by the three companies, will bring together sports programming from ESPN, ABC, TNT, FS1, and more acronyms than you can count on two hands.

  • Customers will be able to watch games from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, FIFA, Formula 1, and nearly every other major sports league — roughly 85% of the sports rights market.

  • The still-unnamed service will launch in the fall, and pricing is TBD, but it’s expected to have a monthly cost close to Hulu Live or YouTube TV ($75 to $80 per month).

  • Of note, the service won’t stop each company’s independent sports streaming plans, such as Disney’s expansion of ESPN+ and WBD’s rollout of Bleacher Report.

The service, which will have independent management and branding, will act like a distribution hub for the three participating companies — it’ll license programming from the three participating broadcasters. The hope, according to Variety, is to remake the affiliate fee market for streaming that’s been so lucrative on cable for decades.

Or, more simply, welcome to Cable+.

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Courtesy of Apple

The Apple Vision Pro gets fitted for fashion

The Future. Luxury brands are keeping a close eye on the rollout of the Apple Vision Pro, which may not just be one of the most incredible tech innovations of the decade but also the device that finally makes wearing big, techie goggles on the daily a normal occurrence. If enough people have them strapped on their faces while out in the world, don’t be surprised if virtual clothing starts to become a mainstream trend.

Luxury lens
The Vision Pro may be the next accessory that transforms the runway.

  • Every Apple device in recent memory has become a fashion statement in some way, including the Watch, the Airpods Max, and, ironically, the wired Apple headphones.

  • Luxury brands have jumped on the bandwagon, with designers like Michael Kors, Hermès, and Ted Baker offering high-end alternatives to Watch bands or carrying cases.

  • German brand BandWerk is wasting no time getting started on accessories for the Vision Pro — a line of headbands, including one made of Italian leather, will be available soon.

Top style journalist Max Berlinger says that Apple has always been “fashion-adjacent.” And that vibe may also extend to its apps — luxury ecommerce platform Mytheresa has a VisionOS shop that transports customers to Paris and Capri, while Swatchbook’s Remix app lets designers send clients a 360-degree rendering of items that they can literally walk around.

It looks like the boundary between hardware and software is already blurring.

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Early sleepytime // Illustration by Kait Cunniff with Midjourney

Gen Z has an early bedtime

The Future. Although experts say that people really only need seven to nine hours of sleep per night, Gen Z is inching towards ten hours… and going to sleep early to accommodate. The new sleep schedules are a byproduct of hybrid work schedules, a lack of spending money, and a focus on health and wellness… all of which may force nightlife culture to start the moment the sun sets if it hopes to attract a younger crowd.

Cozy culture
Sorry, night owls… it’s apparently now cool to go to sleep early.

  • A 2022 study found that people in their 20s are getting an average of nine hours and 28 minutes of sleep per night — an 8% increase from 2010. (People in their 30s and 40s posted smaller increases.)

  • Naturally, that means bedtimes are getting earlier — an analysis of two million Sleep Number smart-bed customers between the ages of 18 and 34 went to bed at 10:06pm on average.

  • The reason for the shut-eye surge is twofold — young people are way more aware of the link between sleep and health, and the #SoftGirl trend (2.9 billion views) has made turning in early a viral sensation.

Businesses are already trying to accommodate for the earlier bedtimes. Reservations for restaurant seatings between 4pm and 6pm now make up 31% of all reservations on Yelp.

We guess happy hour is just regular ole dinner now.

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Who’s as good as gold?

Drum roll, please… the winners for the 3rd Annual Anthem Awards have been announced! 

 The Anthem Awards celebrate the purpose and mission-driven work of people, companies, and organizations worldwide. This year’s winners include some of the most impactful projects, inspiring activists, and innovative leaders in the world. 

They’ve also recognized Matt Damon, Misty Copeland, Kevin Bacon, Jesper Brodin, Aurora James, Leon Ford, Selma Blair, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson with special achievement honors. What a crew!


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