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February 27th, 2024

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If you build it, they will come. At least that’s what Ingka Group, the operator of IKEA stores, expects to happen when it anchors its malls with the Swedish retailer. The idea is to breathe new life into struggling malls with stores that offer co-working spaces, food halls, and children’s play areas... because “people are looking more for a lifestyle center.” What do you think? Can IKEA convince you to abandon your online shopping carts and trek to the mall?

In other news… McDonald’s becomes “WcDonald’s,” Live Nation bets on stan culture, and streaming makes bank.

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Courtesy of McDonald’s

McDonald’s serves up an anime redesign

The Future. McDonald’s is embracing the booming global popularity of anime and manga with a temporary restaurant redesign and entertainment offering called “WcDonald’s” — a decades-running parody of McDonald’s in Japanese entertainment. Like the growing trend seeing brand mascots get weird, the hottest new marketing item on the menu may soon be satire. Everyone wants to be in on the joke.

Welcome to WcDonald’s
After appearing in anime and manga like Cowboy Bebop and Cat’s Eye, WcDonald’s is becoming a reality.

  • Each restaurant will transport customers to an anime world via “360 projection mapping and immersive tabletop projections.”

  • The visuals are inspired by four anime shorts commissioned from Japanese animation house Studio Pierrot (Naruto), which are accessible via a QR code on the food’s packaging.

  • There’ll also be four digital mangas that’ll be released weekly, illustrated by artist Acky Bright, who’s done work for DC Comics and The Gorillaz.

  • The restaurants will have a set menu and a new savory chili sauce… and all food packaging will have illustrations of manga that the fictional restaurant has appeared in.

WcDonald’s is rolling out in 30 markets worldwide and will last until March 18th. You can reserve a table on WcDonald’s website or on OpenTable… just in case you’re hungry to get in on the action.

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Superfan spending // Illustration by Kate Walker

Live Nations finds that superfans will pay any price

The Future. After recording its most successful year ever, Live Nation thinks that superfans who are willing to spare no expense to see the concert of their dreams is its next growth engine. Ironically, that could influence Live Nation to push bigger acts onto smaller stages for premium shows. The audience may be smaller, but the margins could be massive.

Stan package
Live Nation is rolling out the red carpet… and the cash register… for superfans.

  • The company said that it’d target superfans hard this year with more dynamically priced seats, VIP clubs, Rock Boxes, and bars.

  • It’ll also schedule more tours at company-owned-and-operated amphitheaters and arenas — which, while smaller than stadiums, generate higher per-person spending.

  • CEO Michael Rapino believes that the slated $150 million investment in smaller venues could raise premium-offering revenue from 9% to 35%.

But it’s not just Live Nation that’s set to enjoy the stan spoils — Spotify CEO Daniel Ek announced last month that “superfan clubs” might be on the way.

No one wants to leave money on the stage.

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Streaming has liftoff // Illustration by Kate Walker

Streaming is set to take the revenue crown

The Future. A mix of subscriber growth and ad revenue will help streaming make more money than pay-TV in the US for the first time ever later this year. While pay-TV will continue to decline in both users and revenue, more deals like Charter and Disney’s could stem the bleeding and ensure that the cord is never fully cut.

Stream dream
While streaming has had more TV viewership than pay-TV since 2016, it’s lagged behind in making money because a streaming customer is worth 10x less than a pay-TV one.

But that’s finally changing, according to a new report from Ampere Analysis.

  • New ad tiers from Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video have fueled subscriber growth and increased the average revenue per user (ARPU), which is why the services are pushing customers to them.

  • Password-sharing crackdowns have also been very successful in onboarding new customers, especially onto… you guessed it… the ad tiers.

Those factors will help streaming revenue reach a projected $17.3 billion in Q3, ahead of pay-TV’s $16.7 billion. Those rankings are never expected to flip again.

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