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February 23rd, 2024

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Cellular meltdown. Were you one of the more than 70,000 AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile customers who lost cell service yesterday? While the reason for the outage is TBD, there’s no proof that it was due to a cyber attack — as was the case in Netflix’s recent disaster movie, Leave the World Behind. Still, that hasn’t kept people online from comparing Thursday’s outage to the film’s apocalyptic turn of events. Check out some of the reactions here.

In other news... Instagram is the go-to news source for millennials and Gen Xers, generative AI is disrupting more Hollywood jobs, and TikTok Shop influencers are on the rise.

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The daily scroll // Illustration by David Vendrell

Instagram can’t stop the rise of news influencers

The Future. Instagram has become the hottest news source online among millennials and Gen Xers. But with the company attempting to de-platform political content, many news-influencers may need to spin off their accounts into newsletters or podcasts to continue growing.

The post paper
Instagram is begrudgingly making headlines.

  • News accounts have soared in popularity, with 16% of US adults regularly getting their news on Instagram — more than TikTok and YouTube.

  • Accounts like Mo News, News Not Noise, Sharon Says So, and Roca News — many from former high-profile journalists — have amassed hundreds of thousands to millions of followers by breaking down the news on Instagram.

  • Why the engagement? Users seem to prefer curated, bite-sized takes on headlines that they can comment on and share… all on a platform they’re already using.

Ironically, the news account growth comes as Instagram has stopped recommending political content on the platform after Meta found itself at the center of several controversies. The algorithmic change has had an effect — a study by social media management firm Dash Hudson found that the posts of 70 major news accounts have dropped 26% weekly.

As expected, news influencers are not happy about that news.

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Robot replacement? // Illustration by Kait Cunniff with Midjourney

Sora generates stress in Hollywood

The Future. OpenAI’s Sora is just the first stab at AI’s revolution of or attack on Hollywood (depending on who you ask) — the exact fear that powered much of last year’s strikes. Whether or not AI fully replaces some Hollywood crew members, the cost-cuts of using AI could lead to a boom in effects-driven independent films.

Piloting the pilot
Concept artists, VFX workers, and storyboard artists are under existential threat due to generative AI.

  • 75% of entertainment leaders who responded to a survey last month said that AI “supported the elimination, reduction, or consolidation of jobs at their companies,” per THR.

  • That has led to a do-or-die moment for Hollywood workers — either reject AI and hope that it’ll be regulated or learn how to include AI in their workflow (even if it cuts hours and jobs).

  • Sora’s ability to compose and select shots may also prompt some producers to use the tech to create proof-of-concept videos for projects.

But, there’s one big wrinkle — plagiarism detector Copyleaks found that 60% of ChatGPT 3.5’s outputs contained copyrighted material. If there’s even a whiff of infringement in anything made for film or TV, studios could be opening themselves up to major lawsuits.

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Out Of Home for the modern age with AdQuick

With AdQuick, you can now easily plan, deploy and measure campaigns just as easily as digital ads, making them a no-brainer to add to your team’s toolbox.

  • AdQuick can help modernize your marketing

  • Run ads in the real world as easily as you would online

  • Measure billboards like you would digital ads

  • Buy from 1600+ media owners in 1 place

  • Make your brand stand-out in a way like nowhere else


Shop star

TikTok is incubating influencers for Shop

The Future. TikTok is hoping to crown ecommerce influencers as a way to boost engagement on TikTok Shop — which is doing well for small and medium-sized businesses but still hasn’t caught on with major brands. If TikTok is able to mold talent who’s famous mainly for selling products, those influencers could be best positioned to launch their own brands down the line.

Marketplace ambassadors 
TikTok has started a “Star Creator” team that pinpoints and develops talent that they think could make successful influencers on TikTok Shop, according to Insider.

  • The company is hiring for several open positions, including “star creator manager,” in the US and UK.

  • The team provides influencers with tips on how to optimize their content, connection with brands looking for partnerships, and data on what products are selling the best.

  • TikTok is also tapping third-party agencies and talent coaches to help get training going. Additionally, affiliate creators have access to the newly launched TikTok Shop Academy.

The social star isn’t a new concept for TikTok — the model is already super successful on Douyin (TikTok in China). There, they’re called “key opinion leaders” (or KOLs).

Now comes the billion-dollar question: can what works in the East work in the West? Only time will tell.

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51.9% of you voted Yes in yesterday’s poll: Do you use ChatGPT?

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“For school work mostly.”

“Hell no. One word has forever ruined me for the use of AI… Skynet.”

“I cannot run the risk of intellectual property becoming part of the LLM that ChatGPT uses, thereby sharing it with our competitors.”

“It makes life easier.”

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