ChatGPT’s gone crazy

February 22nd, 2024

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In other news... NTWRK is acquiring Complex to create a new destination for superfan culture, the Apple Sports app does excellent play-by-play, and ChatGPT has lost its mind.

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Potential power team // Courtesy of Complex and NTWRK

NTWRK collabs with Complex on a new company

The Future. NTWRK’s acquisition of Complex is meant to combine the ecommerce power of the former with the expert curation of the latter — a move that strengthens both companies by diversifying their lines of revenue. If successful, other digital publishers may look to find a commerce partner that helps them wean off their reliance on ads.

Back to classics
Complex is entering its new era of content and commerce.

  • NTWRK is acquiring the company from BuzzFeed for $108.6 million… but without the First We Feast brand (Hot Ones), which will operate independently under BuzzFeed.

  • NTWRK and Complex will combine to form a new company, which already has backing from Main Street Advisors, Jimmy Iovine, Goldman Sachs, and Universal Music Group.

  • Speaking of UMG, the new company has struck a “strategic partnership” with it on co-branded experiences and collaborations.

The new Complex will be a lot like the old Complex — a diversified focus on editorial, commerce, and live events, spearheaded by new CEO Aaron Levant (former NTWRK CEO).

For BuzzFeed, the short sale (it had bought Complex for $300 million in 2021) is meant to help keep the embattled company afloat, which is now worth only $30 million — a far cry from almost selling to Disney for $650 million a decade ago.

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Courtesy of Apple

Apple games the lock screen

The Future. Apple’s new “Apple Sports” app delivers instantly updated scores and stats of every game from nearly every major global sports league currently in season. If the app boosts engagement on AppleTV+, expect it to become a unique “second screen” to the streamer’s live sports offerings.

Push points
Apple Sports — available as a free, standalone app in English, Spanish, and French — will deliver updated scores, the game clock, play-by-play info, and team stats.

  • It also includes the betting odds for each game, which could get some major traction as legal sports betting expands.

  • Users can customize their “scoreboards,” so that they can easily follow their preferred teams, leagues, and tournaments.

  • Updates can be shown on a user’s lock screen as a Live Activities feature, so that they don’t even have to open their phone to keep tabs on a game.

Apple hopes that the app drives engagement to live sports on Apple TV+ — there’s a button on the scores for each game that directs users to “Watch on Apple TV” if it’s available on the service.

It’s no mistake that the app is dropping on the same day the new season of Major League Soccer kicks off. Messi will be pleased.

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This is fine… // Illustration by Kate Walker

ChatGPT lost its mind

The Future. ChatGPT went a little cuckoo over the past couple of days, answering queries with gibberish as if the tech was experiencing one big “hallucination.” As ChatGPT starts to power AI agents from various high-profile companies, a future breakdown could cause an internet-wide freakout that makes some services nearly unusable.

Code corruption
Several users have reported that ChatGPT has been going off the rails with responses to prompts.

  • The chatbot has been answering in incoherent Spanglish, writing nonsense sentences, and endlessly repeating phrases.

  • One response to a prompt asking about the difference between mattresses in the East and West was especially wild.

  • OpenAI is aware of the issue, posting on its status dashboard that it was “investigating reports of unexpected responses from ChatGPT.”

While hilarious, the breakdown of ChatGPT — however brief — has likely sent chills down the spines of enterprise customers, who are using the chatbot as the foundation for company-wide transitions to AI. If ChatGPT can just go insane, their own customers may think twice about using their products.

But, hey, a newly announced deal with Match Group could at least make online dating very interesting.

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