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December 21st, 2023

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Wrapper’s delight. If you’re like us and terrible at wrapping gifts (seriously, why is cutting a straight line with scissors so complicated?), then you might wanna check out this tutorial with Sophie Liard — aka “The Folding Lady.” From easy to complex, she shares a variety of ways you can elevate your gifting game this holiday season. Just don’t forget the double-sided tape.

In other news… WBD courts Paramount Global, living longer poses new societal challenges, and anthropomorphic brand mascots make a comeback.

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Too big to merge? // Illustration by Kate Walker

Warner Bros. Discovery explores a merger with Paramount Global

The Future. WBD CEO David Zaslav has spoken to both Paramount Global CEO Bob Bakish and National Amusements Inc. president Shari Redstone about a merger. While WBD is one of many parties vying for the entertainment conglomerate, a deal could get past regulators since WBD doesn’t own a broadcast network — one of the reasons why Disney also wasn’t blocked from purchasing 20th Century Fox. That is, if all of this isn’t a ploy to juice up WBD’s own value for a potential merger with NBCUniversal next year.

Studio black hole
A tie-up between Warner Bros. Discovery and Paramount Global would be a major Hollywood shakeup that would absorb yet another legacy studio.

  • The deal would combine two studios (Warner Bros. and Paramount), two news giants (CBS and CNN), and two sports powerhouses (CBS Sports and Turner Sports), among many other assets.

  • Additionally, it would combine Max/Discovery+ (95 million subscribers) and Paramount+ (63 million subscribers) to form a streamer that could compete with Netflix and Disney+ (which is in the process of adding Hulu).

  • But, BET will likely not be a part of the deal — Byron Allen and BET CEO Scott Mills are in talks to buy the brand.

It’s still early days, and WBD can’t make a deal until April per the terms of the agreement that merged WarnerMedia and Discovery. Still, WBD execs felt like they had to engage in talks with Paramount after other bidders started circling (Skydance with RedBird Capital, outgoing Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick).

No matter what, it looks like Shari Redstone is entertaining as many offers as she can — hoping the interest boosts the stock as much as possible before she settles on a suitor.

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Out of candles // Illustration by Kate Walker

Regularly living to 100 is going to stretch society

The Future. The Stanford Center on Longevity has put together a report on what life would be like in a world where most people lived to 100. The findings stress that society must prepare for the inevitable long-term economic, environmental, and cultural implications. In the short term, organizations could start re-organizing teams to account for age diversity.

Centennial celebration
With studies from both the CDC and UN predicting that half of today’s 5-year-olds will likely live to 100, society is not yet prepared for a world filled with elderly people… but we should start, writes Karen Breslau for Bloomberg.

  • For the first time, Americans over 65 will “account for the largest and fastest increase in the labor force,” per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And many knowledge workers can stay productive until their 80s.

  • Americans over 50 hold 83% of household wealth and command 50% of consumer spending —  making older Americans a huge and largely ignored market.

  • And new technologies and cutting-edge therapies could help keep older Americans healthy and intellectually vibrant even as they push triple digits (just think of a legion of Norman Lears).

The Stanford Center on Longevity says that this phenomenon may require societies to think differently about the classic education, work, and retirement lifecycle. Instead, we may need to consider intervals of work and non-work throughout a person’s adult life to take care of kids or study for a career change…

…which could leave countless opportunities for companies to service a new rhythm of life.

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Consistent growth and reliable CAC? That’s a gift.

Nift specializes in finding incremental net new customers for DTC products and services, reliably delivering growth at or below target CAC. And here’s the holiday miracle: Nift is quietly outshining social media ads.

💍 “Nift’s customers are net new, cost less, and have strong buying behavior. We see 3x better conversion than other top social channels.”

— Samantha Taslim, Director of Acquisition Marketing, Rocksbox

“25% of our customer acquisition is now coming from Nift.” 

— Louis Amoroso, President, Wine Insiders

The magic? Nift turns DTC brands into “thank you” gifts designed to maximize conversions and revenue. Join the hundreds of DTC brands using Nift to drive incremental net new customer growth. Ready to see for yourself? Book an intro call with our team or explore Nift’s case studies.

Tis’ the season to explore Nift’s case studies.


Courtesy of Adult Swim

Brand mascots are becoming irreverent

The Future. Brands old and new are bringing back the colorful, anthropomorphic, personality-driven mascots popularized a century ago, but marketing them more towards adults than kids. With nostalgic products ruling the wallets of consumers, the weird exploits of these new mascots may cook up a little entertainment ecosystem in their own right.

Retro vibes, modern jokes
The anthropomorphic brand mascot is making a comeback… but with a little more bite.

In the case of Pop-Tarts, the re-branding makes a ton of sense — 17% more adults have started eating them as snacks since 2019. 

We’re clearly nostalgic for the breakfast of our childhoods.

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Are you ready to sell your biz?

Make sure the price is right with Flippa.

Flippa is the industry’s most accurate tool for figuring out how much your biz is worth. Their intelligent valuation engine takes into consideration thousands of sales and live buyer demand.

If that’s not reason enough to love Flippa, they’re also all about you selling in the fastest time for the best price at the lowest fees


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