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December 18th, 2023

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A galaxy of trends. Our friends over at VC marketing firm Spacecadet compiled an impressive list of 2024 trend reports that has a little something for everyone. Don’t thank us — thank them — and share what resonates the most in your world.

In other news… Big Tech gets into wearable AI, streamers make big sports moves, and an underground pipeline explodes the concept of food delivery.

Top Trends

YouTube → Kung Fu Panda 4

X → Jimmy Page

Google → Rebel Moon

Reddit → Gary Oldman

TikTok → “oceans”

Spotify → “Kali Love”

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Always on // Illustration by Kate Walker

Big Tech gets fitted for wearable AI

The Future. Big Tech sees wearable, AI-powered tech as a way to drive constant engagement… and now, every company is trying to win the race to create the go-to device. Whichever firm comes out on top could have the iPhone of the AI era — a ubiquitous device that becomes synonymous with the market itself.

Face screens
Every firm in Silicon Valley is working on a wearable that uses multimodal AI — systems that  “understand drawings, charts, objects, and hand gestures in addition to text and audio,” per The Information.

  • OpenAI has reportedly struck a deal with Snap to bring an object-recognition system to products, while CEO Sam Altman is developing a device with Jony Ive.

  • Microsoft is introducing an OpenAI-powered chatbot to its HoloLens AR goggles and has filed patents that imagine multimodal AI in small, lightweight devices.

  • Google has focused its AI capabilities on the Pixel phone but is also developing software that can be licensed to hardware manufacturers.

  • Meta is already testing AI capabilities in its smart glasses made in collaboration with Ray-Ban.

  • Apple will have strong computer vision software in its upcoming Vision Pro and was recently developing a lightweight pair of AI-powered smart glasses (that’s been paused).

  • Amazon has been working under the radar on several devices, including a pair of smart glasses called “Echo Frames” that uses AI.

But there’s one company that doesn’t believe people want AI on their face: Humane, which thinks having a device pinned to your clothes that can project images onto your hands is a more natural way to use the tech.

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The streaming score // Illustration by Kate Walker

Sports turns streaming into the new stadium

The Future. The glue holding cable subscriptions is falling apart — streamers are sweeping up sports rights across the board. The paradigm shift is driven by the leagues looking to find young audiences where they are. But with sports being more expensive than ever to license, expect to start paying a premium on every platform to have full access to games.

Team players
Profit-seeking streamers have found that recruiting sports rights is one of the quickest growth plays.

  • Disney is in the midst of remaking ESPN as a sports-streaming powerhouse.

  • Amazon’s Thursday Night Football accounts for 25% of all internet traffic on Thursday nights.

  • Warner Bros. Discovery launched a sports tier on Max that’ll show games from the MLB, NBA, and NHL.

  • NBCUniversal hosted 51 live sporting events — including the NFL, Premier League, and Big Ten — on Peacock in September.

  • Paramount Global says its NFL games are one of the key drivers of subscriber growth at Paramount+.

  • Apple’s exclusive hosting of MLS has been a huge success (especially for Lionel Messi).

And with YouTube’s purchase of NFL Sunday Ticket already posting record sign-ups for the paid tier, there doesn’t seem to be a platform where sports don’t do well.

Despite some experiments, the only real holdout is Netflix… but they may be content just taking nearly everyone’s scripted content to bolster their library.

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Courtesy of Pipedream

Atlanta is sending lunch underground

The Future. Pipedream Labs wants to reimagine last-mile delivery service with electric-powered, underground pipes that can zip food and other packages across cities. Its adoption could not only cut down on traffic congestion and vehicle emissions but also create a pipeline (pun intended) where deliveries and returns can happen almost automatically.

Tube of tuna
One day, you’ll be able to have a bag of Doritos piped to you directly as if you were living in The Jetsons.

  • Pipedream Labs’ proprietary pipes are an update on the old concept of the pneumatic tube — a once-prevalent way of sending mail, packages, and the occasional sick cat.

  • Instead of pushing shipments using air, the 18-inch-wide pipes are outfitted with a small EV that can shuttle up to 40 pounds at a speed of 45 mph.

  • The pilot in the city of Peachtree Corners connects a shopping center with a technology park called Curiosity Lab almost a mile away.

  • Buried just six feet underground, the Peachtree pipe can shuttle food in less than five minutes — a process that’s all controlled by customers via an app.

Brandon Branham, Peachtree’s assistant city manager and chief technology officer, said the hope is that the technology will lower the cost of stocking snacks at the office and allow employees to get their snack on without having to drive off campus (translation: stay at your desk!).

Fun fact: Peachtree Corners loves a good innovation pilot — it was also the first place to test remotely-controlled e-scooters.

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