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December 14th, 2023

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In other news… Open AI and Business Insider parent company collaborate, Hollywood contends with musicals, and TikTokers market movies IRL.

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Generate all about it // Illustration by Kate Walker

OpenAI breaks the news with Axel Springer deal

The Future. Axel Springer SE is getting paid to be training data for ChatGPT, with OpenAI striking a first-of-its-kind deal with the Germany-based publishing giant. With other publishers expected to follow, catching up on the headlines of the day may soon be curated by a chatbot.

The ChatGPT Times
OpenAI has struck a three-year deal with OpenAI for “tens of millions of euros,” reports Bloomberg.

  • The deal allows articles and other content from outlets like Politico, Insider, Bild, and Die Welt to be used to train ChatGPT.

  • It’ll also be used to generate answers when users ask ChatGPT a question, linking back those answers to relevant articles — the first time an AI firm will credit a news publisher.

  • Users will also be able to ask ChatGPT for news summaries of the day, which will be powered by Axel Springer’s publications.

Axel Springer, which has already been toying with AI in the newsroom at Insider, says that the deal will help create a new revenue stream for the publisher — which, frankly, the industry needs as the digital advertising market continues to consolidate around Google and Meta. But, some publishers think that opening up their outlets to ChatGPT is a Pandora’s Box.

For OpenAI, the deal represents a huge step forward in gaining access to valuable and vetted content — a key element in winning over the trust of customers.

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Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Hollywood mutes musical marketing

The Future. Over the next couple of months, Wonka, Mean Girls, and The Color Purple are all slated for release… but only the The Color Purple has really shown that it’s actually a full-fledged musical. The current Hollywood perception is that the actual music in musicals limits a movie’s appeal, but audiences finding out that a film is a musical after the fact could hurt its chances of success even more.

Mic check
Hollywood is a bit embarrassed about its upcoming musicals, with Wonka and Mean Girls having mostly sidestepped onscreen singing in digital marketing materials.

  • Paramount released a theatrical trailer for Mean Girls that showed star Reneé Rapp singing a number from the Broadway musical that it’s adapted from… but only because it played in front of Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour concert film.

  • Ironically, Wonka star Timothée Chalamet has discussed how he was cast partly because of high school YouTube videos that featured his singing voice… a fact that has generated headlines but still hasn’t translated to marketing.

Why are studios hiding the showstoppers? During the pandemic, Disney’s West Side Story and Warner Bros.’ In the Heights severely underperformed at the box office despite their creative pedigree. And before that, Cats and Dear Evan Hansen failed to launch.

The argument is that audiences didn’t show up because of the musical elements, pointing to how Frozen wasn’t marketed as a musical and that didn’t stop its success. Sure, maybe. But 2017’s The Greatest Showman was marketed as a wall-to-wall musical, and that film pulled a global box office haul of $434 million.

So, as the old Hollywood saying goes, “Nobody knows anything.”

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JStoobs // Illustration by Kate Walker

Film influencer Jstoobs turns TikTok fame into establishment embrace

The Future. Social media fame and Hollywood marketing are colliding with a new partnership involving Megan “JStoobs” Cruz, bringing her digital influence to the theaters. If the experiment works and turns TikTokers into ticket buyers, every theater chain may try to book their own roster of influencers to host screenings.

The big and small screen
JStoobs is expanding her reach.

  • She landed a deal with the renowned Landmark Theatres chain, where she’ll host a Filmmaker Focus series “spotlighting screenings of acclaimed directors’ work” — Yorgos Lanthimos is the first selection, building up to the release of Poor Things.

  • She’s also launching a podcast called “The Broad Perspective” — a female-focused interview series that’ll feature both digital influencers and established filmmakers.

JStoobs, who’s part of a growing subculture of MovieTok influencers who are getting the attention of Hollywood, commands an audience of nearly 550,000 followers. With the Landmark deal, she has the opportunity to pull in a big audience for curated film screenings (a personal favorite of hers), who view it as a chance to see the influencer IRL.

That could be a win for a theatrical industry looking to boost revenue and filmmakers, who want to reach a younger audience.

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‘Tis the season, ya’ll.


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