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December 13th, 2023

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Question of the day. If someone gave you $1 billion today, what would you do with it? The best answer wins $1 billion.*

In other news… Praxis is building a crypto city, Netflix wins again, and Instagram is now called Finstagram.

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Crypto city // Illustration by Kait Cunniff with Midjourney

Praxis wants to build the city of crypto

The Future. The secretive startup Praxis has wild ambitions to build a city in Silicon Valley’s image somewhere along the Mediterranean Sea, raising millions of dollars (and eyebrows) in its pursuit. While Praxis is likely little more than a whole lot of hype and runaway ego, the even more secretive “California Forever” project and the new infrastructure-focused a16z fund show that there’s an appetite for futuristic cities.

Having almost zero experience, few connections, and seemingly fewer skills, 27-year-old Dryden Brown has somehow raised over $19 million from the likes of Pronomos Capital, Apollo Ventures, and FTX (big LOL) to build Praxis.

  • Concept art shows a glass city on the Mediterranean coastline (exact location TBD) that’s powered by green energy, uses crypto as currency, and has airships for transport.

  • It’s reportedly built on a techno-libertarian ethos (almost no taxes, few laws, and lots of innovation) and 20th century neo-fascism (hyper-specific resident requirements).

  • And it has developed a community — 12,000 members (including disgraced investor Martin Shkreli and Soylent founder Rob Rhinehart) and a 50,000 member waiting list.

So, has any of this actually led anywhere? Not really — other than some Eyes Wide Shut-lite parties and a company that has 431 employees where “nobody seems to have a definable skillset,” per NYT.

For a guy who decided to build a city because he felt trapped in his NYC apartment during COVID, Brown has sure constructed himself an impressive house of cards.

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Opening the black box

Netflix brings a trove of streaming data out of the black box

The Future. Netflix released a report covering the viewership metrics of 99% of its catalog (roughly 18,000 original and licensed titles) that were released globally between January and June of this year and watched for at least 50,000 hours (which is little). While Netflix has historically been more transparent than its rivals, a report of this magnitude from the top platform is a paradigm shift for Hollywood and will likely force every other streamer to follow suit, reshaping the conversation of what defines a “hit.”

Netflix Wrapped
Netflix’s most surprising release of the year may just be its viewership report What We Watched.

  • The searchable Excel spreadsheet breaks down projects by title, hours viewed, release date, and whether a title was released globally.

  • While Netflix Originals dominated the list, 55% of viewing was for Originals, while 45% was for licensed titles.

  • Although Netflix’s Top 10 and Most Popular lists now break down metrics by “views” (to not overly favor long drama shows), co-CEO Ted Sarandos said that this report still gives a clear view of how titles are doing on the platform.

While Sarandos stresses that the Hollywood strikes weren’t the reason for Netflix to finally become this transparent about data, he did acknowledge that the culture of keeping viewership details close to the chest was responsible for “creating an atmosphere of mistrust over time.” The strikes made that loud and clear.

Netflix plans to release these reports semi-annually… so hopefully, that helps to rebuild trust.

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Do you know how much $ is going to your financial advisor?

Enter Rainbook, the ultimate freebie for sizing up your financial advisor. If you want answers, you’ll get them in a full-spectrum analysis, including:

  • Your portfolio returns vs. benchmarks

  • Your actual fees

  • Your advisor’s credentials, engagement, and statements

And guess what? If your advisor isn’t cutting it, Rainbook can quickly pair you with a new one.

It’s time to put mediocre financial advisors on notice.


My insta and finsta

Instagram wants to make finstas official

The Future. Instagram is about to give everyone a finsta — a separate account for secret use — with its in-the-works “flipside” feature. If rolled out widely, flipside could propel Instagram into a movement for a more private social media ecosystem and create a feed that’s intrinsically free from influencing.

Circle of trust
Reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi discovered Instagram’s finsta development.

  • Flipside accounts exist as part of a user’s normal account — they simply need to swipe down on their profile to switch over to their private flipside profile.

  • Like the “Close Friends” feature for Stories, flipside accounts allow users to share posts with a pre-selected group of followers.

  • There also seems to be a “remove everyone” button, so users can start their flipsides over from scratch.

  • And, yes, Instagram’s typical community guidelines will still apply to flipsides.

We guess we finally have an answer to US Senator Richard Blumenthal’s hilarious question to Instagram’s head of global safety Antigone Davis: “will you commit to ending finstas?”

No, Instagram is just getting started.

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The #1 thing to do if you want to sell your business

Make sure you’re selling it at the right price.

You’ll need Flippa for that. Flippa’s intelligent valuations engine is the industry’s most accurate tool, taking into consideration thousands of sales and live buyer demand.

They’ll help you sell in the fastest time for the best price at the lowest fees. You can work with their in-house team or an advisor from a network of 200+ third-party brokers. 

It’s totally up to you.

See how much your biz is worth. Get a free valuation now.


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*In the intro we offered the best answer to our “question of the day” $1 billion. It was a joke — if only we had that kind of money.

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