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December 1st, 2023

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HeyFam. It’s December 1st, so that basically means it’s the end of the year and we’re now in the final stretch. This is just your friendly reminder to take a walk today, go to the gym, do some yoga, or spend some time meditating or praying whatever your thing is. Don’t lose yourself in the chaos. We’re almost there.

In today’s edition…

 🎵 We unwrap Spotify Wrapped
⭐️ Confirm celebrities have indeed sold their souls to AI
 🍵 And spill the tea on Cybertruck’s struggles

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Courtesy of Spotify

Unwrapping Spotify Wrapped

The Future. Spotify Wrapped unrolled this week to spur a blitz of social media engagement to see what our friends, family, and, maybe, our enemies are streaming. With the rollout of Wrapped being a surprise every year, Spotify has potentially made the feature the most important end-of-the-year list… and the most vital annual marketing moment for the company.

Welcome to Sound Town
Spotify Wrapped dropped this week to give users, artists, and industry analysts a peek into listening trends around the world.

  • First, the music: Taylor Swift unseated three-year reigning champ Bad Bunny as the most-listened-to artist globally (Bad Bunny’s Un Verano Sin Ti was the most-streamed album), while Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” was the most-streamed song.

  • This year also included podcasts, topped by heavyweight title The Joe Rogan Experience… but TSwift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, also charted, with New Heights crowned as the most-streamed sports podcast.

  • Additionally, it included video messages from 40,000 artists that were sent to users who had them listed as their most-listened-to artist.

  • There were also new features, such as “Me in 23,” a label for what kind of Spotify user you are (make lots of playlists, listen to an album straight through, etc.) and “Sound Town,” which matched a user with a town that shares overall similar listening habits.

Speaking of Sound Town, it was trending on socials that a seemingly disproportionate number of users got Burlington, Vermont — a location paired with artists like Fiona Apple and Father John Misty — despite the ability to be paired with 1,300 locations.

While Spotify got a kick out of the conspiracy theories, it shared that, of the platform’s 574 million users, 0.6% were paired with Burlington. That’s about 3.4 million people… still a lot considering it’s 75x times more than the town’s population.

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Robot on the red carpet // Illustration by Kait Cunniff with Midjourney

Celebrities remake themselves in AI

The Future. Celebrities increasingly worry about the size and scope of their digital footprint… and AI avatars and chatbots developed by some of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley give them the ability to be everywhere, all at the same time. While the opportunities present both great risk and reward, it may be up to the entertainment industry to ensure that technologies are developed to protect those who don’t want to be a part of it.

Endless exposure
The first betas of celebrity-driven chatbots have arrived.

  • Meta launched AI characters that are thinly veiled caricatures of their celebrity voices, including Kendall Jenner, Tom Brady, and MrBeast.

  • YouTube debuted the song-snippet generator “Dream Track,” which features the signed-off voices of T-Pain, Charlie Puth, and Charli XCX.

  • Soul Machines rolled out full-on celebrity avatars of people like Francis Ngannou, K-pop star Mark Tuan, and golfer Jack Nicklaus.

Silicon Valley believes that the next phase of the influencer economy will be AI-generated… but they’re still in that early-days, skeptical adoption phase. They hope that tapping celebrities will help ease the inevitable transition. And it looks like a number of celebrities clearly feel the same and are getting in on the ground floor to ensure massive paydays (Meta is paying millions).

But that doesn’t come without risk. Users were able to make Jenner’s Meta chatbot (named “Billie) recommend tequila brands that weren’t her own 818 Tequila label, and the avatar of influencer Caryn Marjorie was goaded into engaging in sexually explicit conversations… that’s not to mention the raft of scams and misinformation that are already happening with deepfakes of celebrities.

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Courtesy of Tesla

The Cybertruck puts Tesla in the hot seat

The Future. The Cybertruck is finally, exhaustingly here, with CEO Elon Musk stating that it’ll make “the future [...] look like the future” — one that’s inspired by the vehicles found in Blade Runner and Halo. While that bold vision may have produced something unique, its dystopian inspirations could turn off the average driver. Whether Musk’s fanbase is large enough to make the truck profitable or not is literally the multi-billion-dollar question.

Crash course
The first ten Cybertrucks rolled off the lot in Austin, Texas, yesterday… putting the hyped truck and the company’s future on the road.

  • The Cybertruck has been hit with years of delays (it turns out making a car with stainless steel is really hard), with Musk even lamenting to investors that the production has “dug our own grave.”

  • But now the truck is here at a base model price of $61,000 ($21,000 more than originally promised). That may be a steep price for the over one million people who’ve reserved the truck since it was announced in 2019.

  • And Tesla needs the Cybertruck to be a hit — design and production has been expensive, and the company’s operating expenses are up 43%.

  • Complicating matters is Tesla won’t start mass-producing the Cybertruck until next year, and Musk has already stated that it’ll be a while before the truck is profitable… that is, as long as early adopters don’t have major issues that hurt its reputation.

That’s all risky business for a company (albeit, the most valuable automaker in the world) that hasn’t released a new passenger vehicle in over three years and has been cutting costs to ensure its lead in the transition race to EVs. Tesla may have gotten an early head start, but competitors are closing in… 

…especially as Musk’s antics with other companies turn potential customers against him.

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