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November 28th, 2023

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In other news… Bad Bunny is building an empire, Silicon Valley tries to eliminate grief, and celebrities let you crash in their homes.

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“I do all the the things.” // Illustration by Kate Walker

Bad Bunny jumps from music-making to empire-building

The Future. Bad Bunny’s cultural empire is just getting started for the 29-year-old Latin artist. Spanning entertainment, fashion, and sports, Bad Bunny may be in uncharted territory for a Spanish-first musician… demonstrating how the globalization of music has deplatformed the necessity to sing in English for worldwide superstardom.

Year of the Bunny
Bad Bunny is leveraging his music success to expand into every corner of culture.

  • Entertainment. He’s moved into acting (Amazon’s Cassandro; Sony’s Bullet Train), hosted SNL, and even became a playable character in the wrestling video game WWE 2k23 (after wrestling in a WWE match in real life).

  • Fashion. He’s designed 14 shoes for adidas while partnering with Crocs on a glow-in-the-dark clog. He’s also appeared in marketing for Gucci, and he plans to start his own fashion brand. 

  • Sports. Besides the foray into wrestling, he became the co-owner of a basketball team in Puerto Rico and started a sports management company, Rimas Sports, to highlight local athletes.

Bad Bunny has done all this while only singing in Spanish, further cementing Latin music’s rise as arguably the most popular and influential genre in music right now. According to Forbes, Bad Bunny has turned that global music success and savviness with social media into $88 million in earnings last year alone… 

…putting him on the path to become Latin American’s Taylor Swift (a one-person marketing machine).

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Still around for a chat // Illustration by Kate Walker

Silicon Valley codes a new grieving process

The Future. Several AI companies are marketing services that hope to make grieving a thing of the past. These AI-powered recreations of loved ones may have the power to provide a psychological cushion for those spiraling from loss, but they could also become a crutch for people looking simply for comfort, not closure. 

Broken heart bot
Grieving the loss of a loved one is hard… so some AI firms are trying to ease the pain, per Vox.

  • “Grief tech” startups like Replika, StoryFile, Seance AI, and HereAfter AI provide services, such as the creation of virtual avatars of loved ones and interactive video conversations.

  • These “companions” provide grievers something they can talk to whenever they miss their lost loved one — giving them a gentler way to let go.

  • While some have found these services comforting, others have been hit with unannounced updates that totally break the illusion — a phenomenon that could be retraumatizing.

Grief counselors warn that the rise of grief tech could make people reliant on these tools to cope or, worse, avoid the natural human process of grieving altogether. Could the ambition to optimize grief simply postpone the process, prolonging our psychological need for closure?

Whether or not that’s a good thing may be a deeper question about the role death plays in society.

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Give like it’s the future

It’s #GivingTuesday, and there’s a new way to give to charity that involves drum roll please… web3. So, yeah, we’re in. 

Meet The Umoja Foundation — they’re reshaping NFTs into tools for a greater cause. And they have 250 unique pieces exclusively on Rarible that you can start giving today!

But first, who are they supporting? Dasom Ministries Orphanage in Uganda with essentials like food, medicine, clothing, and education.

Dasom Ministries extends its arms wide-open to embrace all — from innocent children to resilient widows. They roll up their sleeves, support clean water sources, and offer sustenance to the less fortunate on the streets. To put it plainly, they restore hope where it’s been lost. How can you not take part?

We have more to tell you about Umoja, too.


Courtesy of

Celebrities give their homes starring roles on Airbnb

The Future. Celebrities are taking to Airbnb and to put up their homes for rent. Don’t worry, names like Martha Stewart and DJ Khaled aren’t hurting for cash — it’s just a new marketing push for short-term rentals. And, the stays are totally legit… which points to a future when rentals are singular experiences in and of themselves.

Blockbuster rentals
If you’ve ever wanted to crash at a celebrity’s home, now you can.

  • Martha Stewart put up one of her seven homes for a one-night rental for a Thanksgiving-themed stay that included a guided-tour of the 150-acre farm, a wreath-making classroom, and brunch with Stewart.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow’s Montecito, CA, estate was on Airbnb, giving renters a plethora of Goop products and guided transcendental meditation.

  • Mariah Carey put up her Beverly Hills rental home and NYC penthouse on… yet the penthouse was only available to reserve for a cocktail hour.

  • DJ Khaled takes the cake for wildest offering, though, putting his studio-sized sneaker closet up for rent — guests couldn’t touch the walls of sneakers, but the stay did come with a shoe-shopping trip with chauffeurs.

While you may think these stays would be insanely expensive, they’re all actually priced under $20. Why? Expert marketing from Airbnb and show the one-of-a-kind experiences those platforms can provide — a savvy pushback against the anti-short-term-rental narrative. You can almost hear CEO Brian Chesky taunting, “Try to beat that, hotels.

Of course, the companies are paying the celebrities what they’re really owed — a number as locked down as the NDA that guests have to sign to stay at these A-list listings.

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Where to give this Giving Tuesday part 2

Ok, so you know it’s Giving Tuesday, and we shared where you can give, but it’s worth knowing a little bit more about the people behind the cause, too — Umoja.

Umoja is more than just a charity organization. It's a community-driven platform that leverages web3 technology to create social impact. 

By utilizing NFTs as social tokens…

When you support Umoja, you’re not just donating money, but you're also becoming part of a community that’s revolutionizing the way we give.

So, why not make your Giving Tuesday truly impactful? Explore Umoja’s collection of NFTs and be a part of something bigger than yourself.


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