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January 30th, 2024

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Did you know, on this day in 2020, Coronavirus was declared a public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organization? Think about that one for a moment…

In other news… the Chief AI Officer is now a thing, Saudi Arabia is a luxury travel destination, and some movies are getting cut up into TV shows.

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New member at the all-hands // Illustration by Kate Walker

AI generates a new C-suite role

The Future. The explosive popularity of AI has prompted organizations across every industry to open up the buzziest position in the office: the Chief AI Officer. Echoing the implementation of the Chief Technology Officer in the ‘80s, the CAIO will likely become a permanent fixture in the C-suite… but don’t be surprised if one firm tries to make headlines by installing a chatbot in the role.

System supervision
Everybody wants a piece of the AI goldmine.

  • Equifax credit bureau, Mayo Clinic, Ashley Furniture, The New York Times, and 400 federal agencies are just some of the organizations that have hired or are looking for an AI leader.

  • An AI forum on Glassdoor last year had 122 people with the job title of “Chief” or “VP of AI” join — a huge jump from the 19 who attended in 2022.

  • The roles, which can command compensation packages of over $1 million, are focused on company-wide implementation of the tech, experimenting with emerging systems, and navigating evolving risk factors.

As AI is all the rage, the metaverse is on the fritz. Many metaverse lead roles have vanished from high-profile firms (Disney, CAA, Procter & Gamble), while the term “metaverse” was only mentioned twice last year in the quarterly earnings reports of all the S&P 500 companies.

No wonder so many Chief Metaverse Officers are trying to rebrand as Chief AI Officers.

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Trojena // Courtesy of NEOM

Saudi Arabia turns to tourism for a reputation reboot

The Future. Saudi Arabia hopes that exorbitant spending on cutting-edge construction projects will remake the country as the luxury travel destination of the Middle East. That’s a tall order. But by seemingly catering to young and wealthy Chinese, British, Indian, and Australian travelers, The Kingdom could become, well, a mecca for the experience economy.

Polished up
Saudi Arabia has been on a check-writing spree in its quest to attract 100 million foreign and domestic visitors by 2030, per Forbes.

  • Projects include a futuristic city for 600,000 people built around gaming (Qiddiya), a ski resort in the middle of the desert (Trojena), 50 resorts built across a 22-island archipelago (The Red Sea), and a $5 billion theme park built on an oil platform (The Rig).

  • The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) estimates that the country has already spent $800 billion on the projects, which are set to create one million new jobs.

  • But that’s a reasonable investment when the WTTC believes that, by 2032, tourism in the country should generate $169 billion towards its GDP — over 17% of its entire economy.

The tourism infrastructure projects — most falling under the massive NEOM development in the country’s northwest — is part of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Vision 2030 plan, which aims to remake The Kingdom’s economy (less reliance on oil) and gain international soft power (sports, filmmaking).

That’s pretty wild for a country that didn’t really allow international tourists as recently as 2016.

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Snipping Australia // Illustration by Kate Walker

Streaming remakes movies into shows

The Future. Last year, two movies were re-edited and re-released as high-profile streaming series, blurring the line between the two formats. If more filmmakers take on similar experiments, under-the-radar indies and box office bombs could get second chances at becoming hits on the small screen… and give streamers a cheap way to license “new” titles.

Runtime marathon
Younger audiences are more likely to binge hours of a show than watch a long movie… so some films are adapting.

  • Faraway Downs is actually a re-edited and expanded version of Baz Luhrmann’s 2008 epic, Australia. It premiered as a six-part series on Hulu.

  • BlackBerry, directed by Matt Johnson, premiered as a film early last year and then was cut up and expanded into a three-part series on AMC in the US six months later.

These titles aren’t the first to re-release as series (Ingmar Bergman’s Scenes from a Marriage did it back in 1973), but this may be the first time that they were done with such radical ambitions.

  • Luhrmann took the footage he shot and constructed a “significant” new plot for the series.

  • Johnson and his team always planned for the dual release to create two separate revenue streams.

And, yes, the original movies are still widely available to watch. Could this be a new lane in the streaming economy?

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