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January 25th, 2024

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#tbt. Remember when Sundance was the hottest film festival of the year? Well, now, it's in the hot seat as the indie film business struggles to find its footing in the age of streaming. We discuss the evolution of Sundance and more in today’s episode of “Future Forecast.” Check it out wherever you get your podcasts.

In other news... Jon Stewart returns to The Daily Show, Apple is rerouting its car plans, and Etsy wants to make gift-giving easier.

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Part two // Illustration by Kate Walker

Jon Stewart is back on The Daily Show desk

The Future. Jon Stewart is heading back to late night at his home of 17 years, The Daily Show. Stewart has a mandate to not just anchor the show but also to anchor its future direction. Specifically, the responsibility to crown a new host may be part of a larger trend of relying on influential talent to lay out the vision for a future without them — a sort of monarchy of media.

Old face, new era
Jon Stewart is making headlines with his return to The Daily Show.

  • Stewart will host Monday nights through the 2024 presidential election to commentate on the event — similar to how Maddow negotiated to stay on The Rachel Maddow Show on Mondays so she could pursue other projects.

  • Stewart will also be an EP on the late-night show and will be instrumental in finding a successor to the last full-time host, Trevor Noah — similar to Bob Iger’s mandate at Disney.

  • And Stewart has the track record to do it — he launched the careers of stars like Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Samantha Bee, and John Oliver.

Champagne bottles are likely popping at the Paramount Global headquarters right now. Despite seeing a ratings boost and a big social media footprint with the 12 celebrity correspondents that The Daily Show has cycled through since Noah’s departure, ad revenue is way down, and last year’s Hasan Minhaj drama battered the brand.

For Stewart, the return gives the comedian and activist a swift win after his fallout with Apple over the creative direction of his last talk show, The Problem with Jon Stewart.

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Bumpy ride // Illustration by Kate Walker

Apple hits the brakes on its car ambitions

The Future. Apple is rerouting its car plans to something that feels, well, attainable. It shows how difficult and expensive it is to launch a new consumer vehicle, especially with the expectations that come from being an Apple product. If Apple wants to find success faster, it may need to take a page out of its rivals’ playbook and find a startup that it can invest in and use as a foundation for its cutting-edge tech.

Easier road
After several starts and stops, Apple is changing direction with its long-in-development car.

  • The EV would have “a less ambitious design” and more “limited features” than initially envisioned, reports Bloomberg.

  • It won’t be available until 2028 at the earliest — two years later than expected.

  • It’ll start with a Level 2+ autonomous driving system (the same as Tesla) instead of Level 4 (which means it could drive almost anywhere without human intervention).

  • In the future, Apple would release software updates that would bring the Apple auto to full Level 4 capability (it’s already speaking with some manufacturers in Europe).

Apple is clearly feeling the pressure to catch up with competitors like Amazon (which invested in Rivian), Alphabet (which invested in Waymo), and Chinese megacorps like Huawei and Xiaomi. Given the iPhone’s plateauing sales, Apple may be looking at vehicles (or spatial computing) as its next big device evolution.

Modern cars are essentially smartphones on wheels.

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Courtesy of Etsy

Etsy gives the gift of gift-giving

The Future. Etsy wants to make gift-giving easier with a new feature called “Gift Mode.” Considering that 75% of Americans think giving good gifts is important but 64% say it takes a lot of effort (per Etsy’s research), “Gift Mode” could be the ecommerce platform’s stand-out product that finally brings it out from under the shadow of Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify.

Brainstorm for Mom
Although Etsy has 90 million users and hosts 100 million products across six million sellers, the company says that only 12% of US shoppers think of the platform when it comes time to get a gift.

  • “Gift Mode” leverages human curation, machine learning, and ChatGPT to sort people into 200 different “recipient personas” (The Adventurer, The Music Lover, The Pet Parent, etc.).

  • Gift recommendations are then matched with the makeup of those personas and other specific areas of interests.

  • After a gift purchase, customers can add a note, track the purchase, and even send recipients a sneak-peak of what’s coming their way to build anticipation.

Etsy is pouring major resources into Gift Mode, even securing its first Super Bowl ad to market it. Why the Super Bowl? Etsy CEO Josh Silverman says, in particular, the company has a men problem… as in, they don’t use the platform.

Since men reportedly think that gift-giving is as stressful as doing taxes, the company hopes the tool is the perfect way to win them over.

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“Hard NO.”

“Who cares?”

“Love to see who is wearing what!”

“I think Jimmy Kimmel is so funny.”

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