André 3000: The Movie

January 18th, 2024

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Just have to say this week’s episode of our podcast is a banger. We talk about Walmart launching an AI Fridge and what that means for our society, the need for people to have side hustles to survive and Nike’s battle with exclusivity. Click the link and listen wherever you get podcasts!

In other news…André 3000 invites you to a listening party with IMAX, Google plans an AI smartphone, annnnnd breakfast.

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On the biggest screen // Illustration by Kate Walker

André 3000 takes the listening party to IMAX

The Future. André 3000 is taking the release of his debut solo album, New Blue Sun, to the next level by releasing an album-long visualization in IMAX. It’s a one-night engagement, but its success could spur other artists to make headline-making listening parties more globally accessible.

Big screen bangers
André 3000’s long, flute-centric songs are getting the big-screen treatment.

  • New Blue Sun is being shown on January 23rd as an “album listening cinematic experience,” per Hypebeast. Tickets are already available.

  • Following the visual album, there will be a livestreamed Q&A with André and director Terence Nance (Random Acts of Flyness).

  • And with the experience executive-produced by Academy Award-nominated cinematographer Bradford Young (Arrival), you know that it’ll be beautiful.

The past year has been a banner age for the collab between music and film — Taylor Swift and Beyoncé both released hit concert films, Travis Scott took his Circus Maximus movie to theaters, and Jennifer Lopez dropped the star-studded trailer for This is Me…Now: The Film.

It’s as if the way to eventize albums in the age of streaming is to make them cinema.

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AI loaded

Google plans an AI smartphone update

The Future. Google is hoping to beat competitors in putting an AI assistant on smartphones… even if it means licensing out the technology to frenemies like Samsung. With the status of OpenAI and Jony Ive’s AI hardware device a mystery, Google may have a chance to regain the lead in AI market share by turning the mobile Google Play store into a chatbot hub.

Cellular curator
The next era of smartphones could be all about AI assistants.

  • Google announced that it was loading its Bard chatbot assistant onto its next generation of Pixel phones.

  • Samsung could also be loaded with Bard, per The Verge, because Google may see the benefit of launching on mobile with a more successful Android-using brand.

  • Rabbit isn’t a mobile phone company itself, but its proprietary gadget connects with phones to become an AI assistant that has access to your apps and accounts.

  • Apple is playing catchup on chatbots, but it’s now revamping Siri for all of its devices.

One thing seems to be sure — no one’s really trying to compete with Humane’s pin-on AI device. Trying to beat the user experience of a smartphone may be too ambitious.

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All hail // Illustration by Kate Walker

Breakfast is so hot right now

The Future. Restaurants are beefing up their breakfast and brunch menus as the meals replace dinner as the go-to option for eating out and meeting up with friends. With inflation still boiling food prices, the breakout restaurants and brands of the year may be those that bring culinary creativity to the first meal of the day.

Like hotcakes
Restaurants are finally believing that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

  • Every fast food restaurant from Taco Bell to Burger King is rolling out a distinct breakfast menu after seeing McDonald’s and Starbucks boost profits with offerings.

  • Fine dining establishments are begrudgingly embracing brunch as a statement meal where chefs can get creative and eateries can rack up bar tabs.

  • Quick-bite, easy-to-grab breakfasts — like unmessy Korean street toast — are becoming staples.

  • And after people started to eat earlier during the pandemic, companies are now offering catered breakfast to bring people back to the office.

So, what are the popular breakfast items of 2024? According to Axios, hot honey sandwiches, cinnamon roll pancakes, and “wonuts” will be all the rage.

…and now we’re hungry, and we want to hear from you…


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